How to get your first tattoo and care for it properly

The decision to get your first tattoo done is an important step, so make sure you think carefully before getting it. Both the tattoo idea and the place where it will be made matters, so read about it before you decide.

first tattoo idea for man withcher sword
First tattoo for man, idea of design, witchers sword and signs

How to find a good tattoo artist for your first tattoo?

The easiest way to get to know artists works is to check his account on Instagram – my Instagram account is here – or the website of the studio where he works. The more experience he/she has, the more ideas and projects will be there and the greater the chance that you will like the end result.

Sometimes it is also better to wait for a free date, when you find your dream artist, than to try to get a tattoo as soon as possible in a random studio.

When you visit the studio, ask questions, check if the artist and his style suit you, ask about the hygiene standards in the studio – it should all matter to you.

What design should I choose for my first tattoo? Does the idea matter?

Choose a tattoo design carefully, because if all goes well, it will stay with you for life. The design does not always have to matter, I often make tattoos that customers like – flower designs, birds, etc., but there are also people for whom symbolism matters.

first tattoo idea freedom symbol
First tattoo for man, shrivatsa symbol

I advise you to check whether the design you choose for yourself has any specific meaning, so that there is something on your skin that does not match your opinions.

If you have difficulty choosing, take a look at my projects below, maybe you will be inspired by one of them.

Many of my clients initially choose inscriptions, texts and quotes as something safe that they can identify with. In this case, it is better to choose something safe, think for a moment so that in a few months or years there will be no problem when we change our mind about the content.

first tattoo idea deer head for leg
First tattoo idea, deer on leg

I also do tattoo covers, but I know from design experience that a good cover has to be 1.5-2 times larger than the design we are trying to hide for it to make sense from the aesthetic side.

Therefore, it is good to think longer about choosing a tattoo design and avoid problems with its subsequent masking or laser removal.

Where, on which body part to get the first tattoo?

Before choosing a design, choose the place on your body where you want to get your tattoo. 

This is of utmost importance as the same design will look different on your shoulder, chest, or wrist.

first tattoo idea tattoo easy to cover
Easy to cover men tattoo idea and design

I recommend that you make your first tattoo in a place that can be covered with clothes on a daily basis as it is safer – it is better not to have a tattoo design on your hand or neck at the beginning, unless it really fits you.

When you choose a place, see how different tattoo designs can be arranged on it – e.g. when you move your hand, the appearance of the design will change when you move it differently, so large, symmetrical tattoos are best on the back, chest or stomach.

For example – in my portfolio there is a large pattern of an eagle with outstretched wings – it can look great on the back or chest, but if made in the original size, it will lose a lot in my opinion – on the one hand only the body would be visible, without the wings. In order for the pattern to be legible and clearly visible, it would have to be much smaller than I planned.

How to prepare for your first tattoo, what should you know about preparations?

There are a few general rules that you need to remember when getting ready to get a tattoo.

I collected them for you in 5 points to make it easier to remember and apply them:

  • Avoid the sun just before getting a tattoo – if you overdo it with a tan at the tattoo site, you could get painful sunburn. In addition, elevated body temperature increases bleeding during tattooing, so avoid tanning the area where you want to have a tattoo before visiting the studio.
  • Avoid taking medications if possible – some pain killer medications increase bleeding because they thin your blood. If you are taking any medications on a permanent basis, consult your doctor before getting a tattoo – with some medications, getting a tattoo while taking them may result in visible scars, so it is advisable to consult a dermatologist.
  • Don’t take drugs before getting a tattoo – drugs like cocaine and amphetamines cause problems with increased bleeding. In addition, the tattoo artist may refuse to make the pattern if he/she finds out that you are under the influence of intoxicants.
  • Don’t drink alcohol the day before getting a tattoo – alcohol thin the blood which causes more bleeding than normal. Blood may leach the ink and the pattern will therefore be less expressive than normal.
  • Dress properly – so that there is good access to the place you want to tattoo, and that any staining of your clothes with ink is not a problem for you. Although I try to secure the tattoo area to protect my customers’ clothing, it is not always possible to avoid staining with tight-fitting clothing that has to be forcibly pulled back to reveal the body.

Tips how to care for your first tattoo 

Some tested ideas on how to take care of your first tattoo:

  • The fresh tattoos are covered with thin foil for 3-4 hours, then it is good to have air access to it, which speeds up healing.
  • A new tattoo must be washed every day – but gently, not scrubbing, just sprinkling lightly with water, preferably dry with a cotton pad.
  • During healing, which usually takes 2 to 4 weeks, you should avoid swimming, visiting the sauna or bathing during which the tattoo would be completely submerged in water.
  • Choose clothes so that they rub and irritate the fresh tattoo as little as possible, be careful not to scratch it, because by scratching any scabs you may accidentally scratch some of the ink.
  • The skin at the tattoo site often dries out more, so you can use ointments such as Bepanthen or Alantan on it.
  • A new tattoo should not be exposed to the sun, even after it has healed, make sure you protect it with a suitable sunscreen.

Women’s first tattoos

Below you will find some examples of my first tattoos on women.

first tattoo idea on wrist
Tattoo on wrist, design idea
first tattoo idea on stomach
First tattoo idea on stomach
first tattoo idea for lady flower design
Tattoo design idea for forearm, girl tattoo

First male tattoo

Below you will find some examples of my first tattoos on men.

first tattoo idea tattoo easy to cover
first tattoo idea design, rose of winds
first tattoo idea for man withcher sword
First tattoo design witchers sword and signs
first tattoo idea freedom symbol
First tattoo idea design, infinity symbol
first tattoo idea deer head for leg
First tattoo design idea, deer head
tattoo idea on ribs saxophone
Tattoo design idea on ribs, saxophone

First tattoo ideas for designs and inspirations

I present my designs for inspiration, maybe you will like one of them as an idea for your first tattoo.

first tattoo idea example
First tattoo inspiration for women
first tattoo idea inspiration animal philipinnes
First tattoo design inspiration
First tattoo design inspiration woman
First tattoo design inspiration woman drawing
First tattoo design inspiration flowers
First tattoo design inspiration flower drawing
First tattoo design inspiration cats
First tattoo design inspiration cats
First tattoo design inspiration lemur
First tattoo design inspiration lemur

Does the first tattoo hurt?

The question of whether the first tattoo hurts is very individual, but I know from experience that generally tattoos in places where the bones are closer to the skin – such as on the ribs, on the neck or on the ankle, hurt more than, for example, on the forearm or stomach.

However, I also had people on the table who did not complain too much about pain during the first tattoo on the ribs, so this is a very individual matter – you know your pain threshold best, so think about which place will suit you. If you would like to ask about a specific place, write to, I will try to write back quickly 🙂

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