Tattoo on the ankle – inspiration for you and tattoos made by me

I know from experience that mainly women decide to tattoo on the ankle, they often choose floral patterns or other delicate motifs such as feathers.

Below you will find some of my completed ankle tattoos and free tattoo designs that can be done on the ankle.

If you are just looking for inspiration before your first tattoo, see my portfolio – you can find my works and projects here – on Instagram.

Does a small ankle tattoo hurt?

Basically yes, but each person’s sensitivity is different. On the ankle and foot, the skin is most often directly next to the bone, so piercing it during a tattoo may hurt more than, for example, on the stomach or other part of the leg.

small tattoo idea for ankle
Small tattoo idea for ankle

Designs made on the ankle are often not very large, which is why most customers say that the pain, although it was there, did not last long

The meaning of the ankle tattoo

This is a fairly common question, my clients wonder whether to choose a design with a symbolic meaning or something simpler, more decorative.

When choosing a design, you have to think carefully because if you like it, there is a good chance that it will stay with you forever. It is true that the ankle tattoo is easy to cover, so it can be bolder if necessary, but you have to reckon with the fact that it will be more exposed in summer.

If you are wondering whether an ankle tattoo is a good choice for you, see some of my tattoos and projects that look good here.

tattoo idea for ankle rose flower
Small tattoo idea for ankle – rose
sport tattoo bike design ankle
Small tattoo idea for ankle – bike
rose design for ankle tattoo
Small tattoo idea for ankle – flower
dragonfly tattoo idea for ankle
Small tattoo idea for ankle – dragonflies

Or maybe something less durable than a tattoo – a t-shirt or a mug ?

For some time now, you can also buy my drawings printed on T-shirts and many other articles in my Spreadshirt shop and soon on some other shops that will be mentioned below – if you like my designs, please feel free. 

InkByKate shop tshirts and bags
handmade drawing from InkByKate shop tshirts and bags
InkByKate shop tshirts
InkByKate shop pillows and tshirts

I can also design something especially for you and create an individual t-shirt for you – send me a message to if you are interested.

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