Tattoo on the neck – is it worth the risk

Of course, I will be happy to make it for you, but before you decide on a tattoo on the neck, think about whether such an exposed design will be the best choice for you.

Below, I will write a bit about the biggest controversies related to neck tattoos.

neck tattoo flower design
Flower design on the neck

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The tattoo design on the neck is always visible

Especially the designs around the neck are difficult to cover, they are mostly visible unless you are wearing a turtleneck. The neck is a bit better if you have long hair, then you can cover the tattoo with it.

Find out how tattoos on the neck are perceived in your professional environment so that there will be no problems with finding a job later due to the fact that someone, e.g. in customer service, will not like your visible tattoo.

Probably there will be no problem if you work in the entertainment industry, but in a bank I can imagine that a manager may have a problem with it.

Does the tattoo on the neck hurt more?

From what I observe in clients, the tattoo on the neck hurts more. This is due to the anatomical structure, the skin on the neck is more delicate, and there is a little more muscle on the back of the neck. But generally there is less fat under the skin which generally helps with tattooing, and the head area is especially sensitive due to the extensive nervous network. You can use this Tattoo aftercare Cream that you can get from Amazon, it helps a bit to comfort sensations after tattoing.

Does a neck tattoo take longer to heal?

Yes, because it is a very delicate area and the skin on the neck and nape is often irritated by the clothing we wear. Oftentimes, neck tattoo designs will take 3-4 weeks to heal, while on another part of the body we would have peace of mind after 2 weeks.

During this time, take particular care of the hydration of the tattoo, you can do it several times a day with the use of appropriate lotions, like this from Amazon – After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer and Aftercare Lotion, 3 Fluid Ounce.

Certainly, if you decide on such a design, it is worth choosing clothes for some time so that they do not rub against the place of tattooing.

Later, you also need to take care of it properly, because it will be more exposed, for example, to the influence of sunlight, especially in summer, in high heat.

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