Tattoo on the thigh – ideas for you and my designs

As the thigh tattoo is easy to hide, I have more and more inquiries about it. This is a good place to get a tattoo for both women and men.

Below you will find examples of a thigh tattoo that I made and free designs that are perfect for this place.

tattoo idea for tight fower desing big
Big flower tattoo on thigh

If you are just looking for inspiration before your first tattoo, see my portfolio – you can find my works and projects here – on Instagram

Does a small thigh tattoo hurt?

Each of my clients feels a bit different pain when tattooing a design on the thigh, because there is more fat under the skin in this place than, for example, in the case of the ankle, so the pain is less.

However, if you decide to use a larger design, it will take longer to complete and you will therefore experience some discomfort a little longer.

However, it is one of the less painful places, compared to e.g. the ankle or ribs.

tattoo idea for tight, sensual
Tattoo idea for thigh
rose  tattoo idea for thigh
Tattoo idea for thigh – rose
koi fish tattoo idea for thigh
Tattoo idea for thigh – koi fish
frog  tattoo idea for thigh
Tattoo idea for thigh – frog
flower tattoo idea for thigh
Tattoo idea for thigh – flower design
flower design tattoo idea for thigh
Tattoo idea for thigh – small flower design

The meaning of the tattoo on the thigh

You can try a larger design on the thigh, but you have to think about choosing it because it will stay with you forever.

Small designs, such as flowers, are quite neutral, but nothing prevents you from choosing a more symbolic design, after all, it can be easily covered with clothes.

Below you will find a few of my designs, and you can find more free designs for a thigh tattoo in my portfolio.

Or maybe something less durable than a tattoo – a t-shirt or a mug ?

For some time now, you can also buy my drawings printed on T-shirts and many other articles in my Spreadshirt shop and soon on some other shops that will be mentioned below – if you like my designs, please feel free. 

InkByKate shop tshirts and bags
handmade drawing from InkByKate shop tshirts and bags
InkByKate shop tshirts
InkByKate shop pillows and tshirts

I can also design something especially for you and create an individual t-shirt for you – send me a message to if you are interested.

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